a bad case of reflectionitis.
05 March 2006
  Why do I blog?
1. I'm no photographer.
2. People like to sleep.
3. Egomania.
4. I have journal attention defecit disorder.
5. Practice makes perfect.
6. Passive aggression.
7. TV isn't my bag.
8. I see a lot of cool people on the bus.
9. Boys, men, mutants.
10. Mom doesn't answer her phone.
11. Running doesn't clear my mind.
12. A need for closure.
13. Words make me happy.
14. Summer nights, cold winter afternoons.
15. Good lighting.
16. Cowardice.
17. My Inspiron600m travels.
18. Processes of elimination.
19. The power of "<-- Backspace".
20. www.stephanieklein.blogs.com
21. The beauty of non-fiction.
22. Left-brainedness.
23. I think I can solve my own problems.
24. People quote me.
25. People are so damn quotable.
26. Glamorous self-perception.
27. Bouts of insomnia.
28. I relate to movie scripts.
29. Bold, underline, and italics.
30. I don't want to do the dishes.
31. The laundry's piling up.
32. Two tests and a paper are due.
33. I come home to myself.
34. An expressive upbringing.
35. I (don't) need therapy.
36. June 2006.
37. April 2005.
38. October 21, 2005.
39. February 15, 2006.
40. I remember everything.
41. Matt thinks I'm good at it.
42. Growin' up ain't easy.
43. Erin can sleep to the sound of typing.
44. Life is beautiful.
45. People die.
46. "Dear Diary," stopped working years ago.
47. Introversion happens to me sometimes.
48. Acoustic guitar lessons never work out.
49. Fiona Apple.
50. Readership.
I started mine for reasons #1,3,6,(definately not 7), 13, 14, 16, 23, 26, (reason 31 is sorta lame following 30), (reason 32 is way lame following 31 and 30), 44, 45, 47, 50.

A. You can't talk to the facebook pictures.
B. Being a hipster is only fun for like two minutes.
C. I don't read short stories when I'm drunk.
D. Anonymity is cool (while it's goody-goody cousin proper spelling is unattainable)
E. I feel better when my fingers are typing.
F. Has anyone ever had crush on a teacher before? I feel like it's the same as having a crush on a porn star...
G. talking to "why I blog lists"
[I'm starting to lose perspective on this whole thing so lastly]
H. Reading someone else's blog and becoming inspired
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