a bad case of reflectionitis.
20 February 2006
lil sib reported that she'll be in d.c.
this summer.
at george wash u.
and that she wants me to visit .
so i can look at apartments.
places to start fresh.
jobs to jump start my career.
and all i could think of was him.
and what d.c. would be like.
with him.
but i guess maybe not.
more like absolutely not.
never is a scary promise.
and i made it recently.
but i have to cope and mend.
forget about hands in public.
breaking in new matresses.
learning to cook his way.
i forgot about this d.c.
the one that is lonely.
the one that won't love back.
maybe i don't want to go.
maybe i'm having an episode.
I really like the way this is written.
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