a bad case of reflectionitis.
05 December 2005
  she: part one
she wears a bow in her hair.

a pink, thick, on-the-top-of-her-head-holding-together-a-ponytail, bow. i haven't seen a perfectly tied bow in banana-curled hair since i was in high school and cheerleaders dressed in pleated skirts mid-winter on game days.

she has shiny brown hair with warm yellow strands that seem to illuminate her dainty head with a halo of perfection. she's got the smallest pores imaginable below an all natural bronze face. her lips always glisten some peachy hue, and her demonstrative blinking makes me certain that mascara was modeled to match her lashes. her eyes glitter green and are gigantic yet proportionate to her feminine facial structure. they brighten each expression the way an exclamation point brightens a sentence.

she could step all over our peers with the length of her long legs and wash every worry away with the simple wrinkle of her bunny-like nose. her aura is stunning in the most legitimate way. in a sweater and jeans. in a bikini and heels. no differentiation necessary. in either outfit, in any manner fathomable - there is no mistake that she's the most beautiful creature in the room.

she has the meticulous perfections that immature self-worth relies on. teeth white and aligned to hollywood standard, symmetrical eyebrows, an athletic yet soft frame holding together some more desirable feminine shapes, and her cuticles are flawless. thinking again, i wonder how something could be so perfect that i envy the simplest details - like the clean whiteness surrounding the unique color of her eyes.

she distracts me. one second, i am writing notes; and the next, my eyes are closed and locating the origin of her perfume. i am stuck in limbo somewhere between a sunbathed afternoon meadow and the cool breeze of a calm sea. it's so easy to inhale yet impossible to forget. the subtlety of her essence is so grabbing. her smallest, most effortless details rival my over-accentuated and outwardly-trying attempts to be timeless. to appear without having to make an appeareance. to have a strong command with a soft voice. to fake anonymity while being the center of attention. to walk in slow motion.

she hurts me. and this is how i know. from two rows back and to the right.

that i have a crush on her.
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