a bad case of reflectionitis.
29 November 2005
  Words On Napkins No. 1
I want a pony
To ride into the sun
So we can be alone
And the cowboys will be gone
Where there is only warmth
Without any day
So we can stay

Inside is infinity
The lasting rays of now
We meet wholeness
Tides of life move our bodies
To where dreams row us
Our oars cast ashore
Nights wonder no more

This heart unharnessed
Atop a savior in saddles
My eyes burn from the scent
Each layer of freedom anew
Light reaches me deeply
Tears quench my dry skin
I am no longer within.
written on the glossy side of an 'irish' pub's drink specials
spoken from the lips of one of those --exceptionals--
talented and beautiful and nearly unaware how proud we are to be close
she leaned in to a tipsy ear
"when you get that label"
she said
"you can make it whatever you want."
and i smiled. life is busy sometimes, and it is also so pretty. the sky is everywhere today.
dude you're awesome
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