a bad case of reflectionitis.
31 October 2005
  extraordinary machine
I woke up four hours early today.

Typically, Monday is sleep until I want then get up when I want then stay undressed for as long as I want then eat as many bowls of cereal as I want while watching as much TV as I want day.

Those who know me well enough will observe that I hate buzzing noises, strict morning schedules, clothing, quick showers, and restraints on food consumption.

So, imagine the saddness that was this morning at eight.

Me. Awake. Wearing a tee and boxers. Sitting at my desk with a "To Do Before Noon Today" list. I have an exam and a case brief due tonight.

The roommate was still asleep. I couldn't rock out to anything justifiably violent, like the Deftones' "7 Words". And I couldn't make her sit up with me and work. So I was alone and awake with the silence of our apartment and knowledge of the snoozing heads occupying it.

I considered showering between tasks but lost motivation. I'm out of hair mousse, and the frizz fro need not add to the disarray of Mondays that refuse to let me straighten and primp. Then I thought "Hey, I won't shower. I'll just wash my face and be dirty."

I hate feeling dirty. But up until a few minutes ago, I hated today equally.

As I was dutifully checking my e-mail for a "Mail Undeliverable" reply from the resume I sent to WasteCap Wisconsin (since I have a consistent fear that important e-mails I send out will get lost in cyber space), a (1) appeared next to my Inbox folder, and I clicked on it.

Behold. An e-mail from my Media Law professor. Then I remembered that I had sent him an e-mail last Wednesday to ask when I needed to present my privacy case since we have an exam on the day my brief was due.

The following ensued:


Did I answer this or lose it among all the other emails. Exam is Wednesday (November 2). Review is Monday. Any cases after Libel will be presented after the exam.


Let's have a jig.

Exam: moved to Wednesday so I can have more time to get an A on it.
My case: next week.

This is the best Monday news ever. I don't have to be anywhere until 1:30pm. I can get undressed again and take a nap. Then shower and dry my hair and be pretty. It's like bolting out of bed on a Saturday morning and realizing you're not late, you're a stress case whose brain refuses to let it sleep in on a weekend morning. The rolling over to resume sleep part is the best.

And just as all of this unfolds, my new favorite cd, "Extraordinary Machine" by Fiona Apple (the future mother of my children and player of the piano in my bedroom) comes on my iTunes and I can turn it up as loud as I want. Since I'm now in my apartment alone to have it all the way I want it.

This day has taken a sudden turn for the best.
A new post is up, rockstar.

P.S. Waking up at eight still sucks.
That's the BEST feeling! That and waking up on sunday and realsing that daylights saving means you get an extra hour kip before workin on the lords day.

Damn lord. I want a day. Maybe thursday...

Keep postin!
Now you post.

Damn it.
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