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28 October 2005
  Build Your Own C350 Sport Sedan

The price of my little Mercedes-Benz (of course with standard features) at the Benz online store checkout.

I never actually purchase the Benzy. I always go through the full process of selecting and de-selecting features. Then when the totals ring up and I can review my four door luxury item, I close out the page and feel better.

Because I was almost an owner of a Mercedes-Benz.


I frequent sites like the Benz "Build Your Own". Volvo's is fun. You can build a semi truck there. I even like Land's End, where I can build an outfit. Express for Men has a great build-your-own (for all you guys out there, seriously consider coordinating on their site).

I am fulfilled from the experience of building outfits, cameras, vehicles. Then not buying them. It's like window shopping for the future. And it works.

All of these wonderful things at my fingertips. Good thing I have self-control (well, a little at least) and a kiddie credit card whose limit could only get me the equivalent of a laptop. Which is also very dangerous. I went through a phase with laptops. I built somewhere between 10 and 20. And had all of the quotes sent to my e-mail. The Apple site is so fun. And manipulative with all the glory of its accessories. How rude.

Online shopping is a trap. It takes using a credit card to new levels of irresponsibility. I stay away from Amazon nowadays. Many a paycheck has been cut in half there. On books. DVDs. Yoga mats. Night lights. Special editions of this or that. Dance Dance Revolution. I even bought a stationary kit once. When Amazon came up with their clever "one click away," I had to leave. I refuse to let myself cut out the checkout process. The automated puchases of one single click is too impulsive for even me. I'd be dirt poor in half an hour's time.

Which is why I've taken up luxury item purchasing. Well, mock purchasing. I will never be able to afford 40K for anything, so it's still a dream, a fun little exercise in "Someday, Sara. Someday."

So many possibilities at my fingertips. If not for today, at least for a second of fantasy in my future. Might as well dream big.

Next up, Tiffany&Co.com.
you write well. Very funny. Check mine out if ya like...
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