a bad case of reflectionitis.
21 August 2005
  Lowercasing My Life
Just because you're omnipotent doesn't mean I have to capitalize your name or the pronouns that stabilize your ever-growing fortress.



the word.

the bible.


I am done with this capitalizing bullshit. It's a sham. Microsoft Word doesn't make me. Why should religion?

Here's the trick: It took me a long time to truly move into this phase of my life. This new page. No longer green in the face. I know what I believe and I accept it. The other side is no longer what I'm looking at. The grass over here feels great. I'm standing proud and feeling the fresh blades between my toes. Here on earth. That which I am a part of and can capacitate.

There was a time when I felt like I was being watched. That uppercase made me a believer. I was fearful; I capitalized.

I have no fear. I am certain now. I shall lowercase my life.
way to go sara
Congrats on the breakthrough.
sara, i have one of these now. i'm quitting myspace because i guess FOX bought it out. i'm not supporting that. i like all of these blogs. i've read a lot of em. loser...
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